TMOMC Elected Board

President: Carla Grassia
Vice-President of Programs: Katie Brinson
Vice-President of Membership: Jessica Hartman
Secretary: Natalie Maharaj
Treasurer: Angie Rampey

TMOMC Appointed Officers

MAPOM Rep: Michelle Anderson & Jennifer Winch
National Rep (NOMOTC): Kim Lunsford

TMOMC Committee Chairs

Consignment Sale: Jen Rohr
Helping Hands: OPEN
Newsletter Editor: Natalie Maharaj
Publicity: Rocio Hammond
Moms Social: Jen Rohr
Children Social: Erica Chambers & Kristen Jarvis
Sunshine: Sarah Jennings
TripleTalk: Kim Conklin
Ways & Means: Gabrielle Weinberg
Webmaster: Jessica Hartman
Welcoming & Membership: Morgan Pokorny

Thanks ladies for volunteering your time and talents to the members of TMOMC!
We are honored to be led by such a dynamic group.