“It is terrifying to do the math of what you bring in versus what goes out, and realize you don’t have enough to buy food. It’s heartbreaking to vacate the house where you pay a mortgage because you can’t afford to live there and care for your two newborns. It’s humbling to ask for help. The Tidewater Mothers of Multiples Club has shown us nothing but compassion and kindness, and without them, I don’t know where we’d be. The generosity of strangers united by a common bond of multiple motherhood has wrenched open my shrinking heart and filled it to bursting with love. The outpouring of support we’ve received from people who don’t even know my name, have never met my children, and don’t know the harrowing story of the last 15 months of our lives is overwhelming.

I’ve drawn strength from the posts here when one child was home and the other in the NICU. I’ve gained wisdom reading the journeys of other mothers who understand the walk of multiple motherhood. I’ve been showered with unimaginable compassion by women who are teaching their children how to give selflessly, and I’m inspired to do the same.

I’m blessed to have support in this area, but none of my friends or family completely understand the journey of two infants at once. This club is an invaluable resource to first-time mothers, like myself, and to anyone blessed with multiple babies born on the same day. Thank you doesn’t seem like enough, but it’s all I can offer, for now. I can’t wait until it’s my turn to pour this love back into the club and bless someone else in my position. That’s what this group inspires in its members, and that’s why I’m honored to be a part of it.”

Rachel G.


“TMOM pretty much saved my life. I made such great friends who helped me more than I can say when my babies were new and I was struggling to keep it together. What ever issue I had I was able to find multiple people who had dealt with the same thing and better still they had multiple different solutions for me to try and invariably one of those solutions was right for us. My twin journey would have been so much more difficult without the help I got from others who had been there before me.”

Alison W.


“When I found out I was having twins I honestly freaked out. I had just accepted that I was actually pregnant when the doctor told us that there were two babies. It’s great to have the support of other moms who understand what I’m going through and who are always more then happy to hold a baby at meetings. They are reassured me that it’s normal to cry at night when both babies are screaming and your trying to get ready to feed them both. The meal train was especially helpful after we had just brought our 34 weekers home from the hospital at 9 days old. My emotions were everywhere and I was exhausted, I was so glad that dinner was one thing we didn’t have to worry about.”

Rachel L.


“TMOMC is the best thing that could have ever happened to us! Neither myself nor my husband have any family in the area, so when we joined this group (during my surprise pregnancy with identical twin girls) we immediately gained a family. From attending monthly meetings and different fun events for kids or moms to having an online group that can answer any questions at any hour during the day or night, this group has been amazing! Thank you for all your support, I couldn’t be where I am today without you!”

Luiza H.


“…I have no family here and they are not at driving distance (family is in Texas) and twins don’t really run in my immediate family and with this military life and hubby deployed constantly I have found support in this group available to share my happy moments and my struggles leaves me feeling like everything is going to be ok.”

Mina H.


“…I’m not sure how I would have survived without the love and support I found here. With no family in the area I relied heavily on the knowledge and support this group so freely gives. I’ve made lastly friendships that even thousands of miles can’t sever. Thanks for loving my boys and me and giving us such encouragement, compassion, and so many fun things to do!!”

Tonya T.


“When I joined this group 2 years ago I was pregnant and clueless, now my babies are 18 months old and I feel more confident (and still clueless) but I could have never done this without this groups support, wisdom, and advice and kept sane without the amazing friends I made. I can’t thank you enough for everything you all have done personally and together as a group to make my time in Virginia Beach so inviting and memorable! Thank you again.”

Melissa M.